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An Armchair Hunter’s Basic Guide

Life Forms in the Deep Ocean

Uh, yeah. It’s estimated that 98% of all species in the ocean live on the bottom – and sometimes the bottom can be pretty danged bottomless.

An ROV snapped a picture of a Bigfin Squid off the coast of Oahu in 2001 at a depth of 2.1 miles / 3.38 km! The creature, trailing tentacles and all, was 13-16 feet / 4-5 meters in length.

The Challenger Deep at the south end of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean goes down 36,200 feet / 6.85 miles / 11.02 km as compared to the average global ocean depth of 12,144 feet / 2.3 miles / 3.7 km.

At that depth, according to National Geographic, the pressure is akin to being under a pile of 50 jumbo jets (8 tons per square inch.)

On December 6, 2014, at a depth of 5 miles / 8 km in the Mariana Trench, images were captured of a 6-inch / 15 cm snailfish with big wing-like fins and a long, undulating tail. Show More

Rex Cutty

I write bitchin’ kick-ass books about serious sh*t. My latest book was about surviving a zombie apocalypse. Read it and you’ll have a better than average chance of making it through that s*it storm. My books are written for everyone in an easy to read and understandable style. My titles are available on Amazon (and various other book retailers) with many more to come! Many of my titles are also available for Kindle on Amazon and as digital eBooks from various online retailers.



Worth the Price!

Pretty good book…Worth the price if your interested in cryptozoology. Good primer for anyone just curious about the field.

– Phil


An Armchair Hunter’s Basic Guide. Cryptid Sightings, Stories, Evidence, Hoaxes, and More!

Even if you don’t know the word “cryptozoology,” you know some pretty famous cryptids already although you may not realize it. Creatures like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Abominable Snowman are a huge part of our pop culture references, a fact that does make them more or less, “real.” Most people have some idea of what these creatures “look” like and some understanding of their backstory.

What you may not realize, however, is that there are all kinds of allegedly unknown creatures around the world. And there are lots of people who spend a great deal of time looking for evidence to prove that these animals really do exist. That’s what cryptozoology is all about and, thanks to the Internet, this endeavor can be either an active or an armchair hobby.

Rex Cutty, author of Zombie Apocalypse: A Survival Guide and Vampire Apocalypse: Know Your Enemy – A Survival Guide, takes on the topic of cryptozoology from the standpoint of a long-time, highly interested bystander.

In this basic introductory guide to the world of cryptozoology, you’ll meet some of the most famous cryptids in the business, learn about their origins, and develop an understanding of good evidence versus clever hoaxes. Written in Cutty’s trademark breezy and wisecracking style, be prepared to laugh in places and to pause in others and wonder, “Dang, could that thing be real?”

Cryptozoology, lake creatures, sea creatures, Bigfoot, cryptid canines, flying cryptids, and much more all covered!

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